Bats, Cats and Pointy Hats Halloween Collection 2017

Apparition in my Selfie
 A Wisp of smoke forms behind you, curling up into a waft of Jasmine Musk, Carnation, Spices and Smokey Amber with a grin of Caramel.

Candied Apple Latte'
 Sweet Candied Red Apples with a bite of Cinnamon blended into a Warm and Deadly Brew!

Candy Corn Buzz
Hard core Candy Corn jacked up with Vanilla Butter Fudge and Candied Fruits melted over a sickening Sweet Musk.

Coca Decay
Dark Chocolate over rotting Crème' de Coca, Crème' de Banana, Baileys and Whipped Pumpkin Puree'.

Creep Apnea
You won't snooze and lose sniffing Sicilian Bergamot, Sparkling Lemons, Peeper-corns and Clove.  Who's sniffing over your shoulder?
Cyber Stalker
# You Again?? Forbidden fruits - dark and mysterious, Patchouli and Black Musk - you will need a restraining order…

Darkest Altar Ego
 The wicked side of this Voodoo Berry blend of impervious peaches, is Black Cherry, Romanian Grape, Black Amber Musk -You can't Hyde from this one…

Fangs Alot
 This Fangtastical bite of Pink Chocolate, Pink Cupcakes and Pink Amber will have him licking his lips.

Fast and Nefarious
 Lightning White Rose under a Full Vetiver Moon and White Musk before Dusk, this dangerous whiff will keep your heart revved up and your desires fluttering like a Bat out of Hello! Who are you???!!!!

Flaunt your Haunt
 Dark Chocolate drizzled over Fresh Squeezed Oranges on a pillow of Whipped Sweet Milk Latte'.  A fragrance phantom that will keep you coming back!

Hexes and Oooooos
Spellbinding chants of Dragon's Blood and Black Magic Licorice makes for a dangerously seductive trance.

Immortal Beloved
 Blackberry blended in an Elixir of Salt Crystals, Bitter Orange Leaf, notes of Immortelle Absolute, Rich Figs and Parisian Tabac.  An Eternity of devoted Enchantment.

Lily of Death Valley
 Forever Midnight in the Valley of Death, Night Blooming Black Vanilla Orchid, ill-fated Lily and Orange Blossoms affray to survive, devoid of love in the Moonlight.

Malevolent Moon
 Blue Sugar Moon is shrouded with an intoxicating haze of jasmine, white rose and orange blossom illuminating night shadows of nutmeg, cardamom, amber, haunted woods, musk and patchouli. 

Protective Spells
Reading the Black Tea leaves, with a pinch of Spices, casts a Spell to give Sanctuary to your Spirit and keep you safe during the Witching Hour.  

Red Balloon
Dangerous Raspberry Patchouli tied up with a string of Sandalwood Rose, just don't follow it into the sewer…

Too Much Boohtox
Toasted Marshmallows -roasted Tonka Beans - White Chocolate Sandalwood for a Puffy, Scary Scent!  

Venomous Rose
Thorns of the Gypsy Rose, a cloak of Black Cashmere and a bite of Vetiver makes a truly deadly perennial.  

Villainess Transgression
 We all transgress when scorned, beware of a Hussy's Wrath, with spells of Tonka Bean Absolute essentials and Sweet Vanilla Bourbon - Smell hath no Fury!

Viral Faux Pas
 Too much sharing on Social Media, that will haunt you with dangerous repercussions of Caramel Pumpkin Swirls….why isn't there an Unsend button??!!

White Raven's Roost
 White Pumpkin and Lilac sprinkled with a tiny spell of apple, roses, bergamot and Neroli - a true scent Spirit of Hallow's Season.

White Witch
 A Witch's life ain't ALL Toile and Trouble, this hypnotic spell of essential oils, Patchouli, the Devil's Myrrh, Frankenstein's Frankincense, Vanilla Sandalwood, White Musk and a bud of Roses will linger in the hearts of those who dare cross her path.

Witch Better Have Some Candy
 Sweets to the sweet, No Tricks and All Treats, with Candies galore and you're beggin' for more!!  What's in YOUR pumpkin??!!!

Witch's Britches Losing Stitches
 My broom is shredding my lacy, black brick-a-brac trimmed pantaloons!  Delightful Apricot Marmalade drizzled over fresh scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Lily's Pond Collection 2017

Inlet Lakegrass
Airy, breezy and tranquil - this wonderful clean scent has notes of bergamot, Meyer lemon, and grapefruit along with calming notes of warm sand, patchouli, basil leaf, beach daisies and vetiver grasses.

Pink Water Fairies
 Delicate flutter of bergamot, raspberry, fig, vanilla, caramel and musk.  You won't be disappointed by this scent, really is incredible. Similar scent to Pink Sugar.

 A soft, fresh, beautiful scent captured by the fine milled soaps of France.  There is something comforting about it…like being in a beautiful open field of sweet hay on the first day of Spring. Infused with notes of Provencal lemon, cotton blossom, rose geranium, sweet lime and soft violet musk.

 Astringent, fresh and green with a sweet floral heart of geranium and rosemary.  This is such a unique scent

Harvest Mistress for Fall 2017

All Hallow's Eve
 A fantabulous Fall Blend, a revelry of pumpkin, apple, citrus & spices - best smeller every year!  

Autumn Myrrh Myrrh
 Spice delight with freshly fallen leaves over a powdery sandalwood.

Caramello Bella (NEW)
Sweet treats of Cinnamon Sugared Spices drizzled with warm, salted caramels.  

Chillin' and Willin' (NEW)
An Autumn waft of Blush Roses with a breath of peppermint frost.  

Country Charmalade
 Apricot Marmalade with Cranberry bits, Orange Peel and Apple Spice  

Harvest Peach Patch (NEW)
 White Nectarines fresh from the Harvest, blended with a deep, dark Patchouli to create a very unique scent for your senses.  

Huckleberry Harvest
Top of the Hussy list every Fall, Bountiful Fruits of blueberry, raspberry and grape, strawberry and peach top notes over a sugary bed of Scentsational!

Kristal Apple (NEW)
 $500 a bottle Champagne with Harvest Apple and Honey Bubbles.

Malted Ginger Latte` (NEW)
 Indulge your senses, with this sniff and snuggle fragrance blanketing you with fresh-baked gingerbread, smooth vanilla latte' and malted-whipped cream topping.

Princess Pumpkin Pants
 Sweet Pumpkin Crème Brule' and Sugar Cookies will Sass up! your swagger and put some pumpkin pizazz in your Season.

S'More Cocoa Please (NEW)
 Hot Chocolate, more toasted marshmallows-more graham crackers - lots S'More delish!

Swooning Moon
 A Tart Lime mist embracing a Fresh Mint Moon for a scent of Solstice Charm.  
Venomous Rose
 Thorns of the Gypsy Rose, a cloak of Black Cashmere and a bite of Vetiver makes a truly deadly perennial.  

Villainess Transgression
 We all transgress when scorned, beware of a Hussy's Wrath, with spells of Tonka Bean Absolute essentials and Sweet Vanilla Bourbon - Smell hath no Fury!

White Raven's Roost
 White Pumpkin and Lilac sprinkled with a tiny spell of apple, roses, bergamot and Neroli - a true scent Spirit for the Season.

Coney Island Rendezvous

A Little Dinghy
  The perfect scent for summer, with fresh sparkling berries and bubbles of citrus and pineapple; you could get light-headed with this fizzy and fickle nose-tickling scent.

 Leave him stranded in the sand, when you're in such high demand.  One steamy kiss of Hawaiian Ginger Milk, Orange Blossom Neroli and slap of Vanilla Sandalwood that haunt him for many Summers to come.

Get Your Monkey Paws off my Coconuts!
 She's all grown up now, with unique coconut milk blend created with almond, White Jasmine, Vanilla Bean, Tonka and Ginger Musk.  You gotta earn it you big ape!

Kahana Hussy
 Standing on the shore in the moonlight, watching the crimson sun disappear with her Surfer Boy over the horizon, Kahana Hussy soaks up the warm and exotic spice breeze, Summer Citrus, Lemongrass dunes, lime and orange notes in the final rays of the day, and a coastal eddy of cotton candy and vanilla tonka musk for a strong heart and loving soul.

Love Urchincy
 This compelling fragrance that comes together in a blender of sweet lemonade, creamy coconut and fresh herbal lavender; a compelling concoction for the passionate Hussy in us all.

Monkey Business
  A banana-rama of fruit and Creamy Coconut with a splash of Island Mango

OH, my achin' Crustaceans
 At the end of a long day at the beach, when your flips have done flopped, relax and kick back with a bath of Orange blossoms, sandalwood and musk, water lily, powdery vanilla, ocean sprays and vetiver to soothe your heart and souls.

Painting my Toes in the Cabana
 Preening your sun-baked piggies with Opi Hot Pink is the end of a perfect day of making new freckles and friends under the big umbrella.  This positively ELECTRIC Summer scent of Satsuma tangerines and Belize Guava, pampers with pink jasmine and orange blossom base notes…..Oh Cabana Boy!!

Sea Kelp Sugar Cookies
 Super sweet sugar cookies with sea grass mist and salty sea air sprinkles on top. 

Summer Romances Past

Almost Paradise
  Drift away on this dreamy-creamy coconut boat filled with life-saving pineapple & peach dreams for a paradise that will suffice until you win that cruise! Not Tom. (this is my favorite pineapple scent every summer J

Hip Chick
 Tropical White Musk with Ylang-Ylang and Amber for a warm tropical rain making for a steamy summer night.

Hip Hop Flip Flops
 Take a Day-cation, with this Summer scent event full of fruity fun, mango, coconut and pineapple for total Hip Flip!

Maui Cowie
 Hula Hussy swishing her delish to flame the warm glow of a Sunset Luau of Lemon Grass, Tropical fruits, Sugared Berries, Mango and Pineapple with a Coconut Milk Sumptuous Swirl. 

Mermaid Lemonade
 A true tart Lemonade, sugared up with guava, vanilla, sparkling raspberries and cotton candy musk.  This Tropical Fruity Drink Thingy is topped off with a garnish of Catalina Sea Petals, rosewood and Warm Ocean breezes that will create a magical splash of mystery for any Beach Hussy. And a little umbrella.

Pecks on the Beach
 A Lush Tropical concoction of duty-free fruits, plantains, fresh greens and coconut cream for a sweet treat to Tweet!

Spilled My Skittles in the Sand!
 All of the fantastic, fun, fruity flavors of Skittles without the sandy grit in your teeth. The 5 second rule does not apply on sandy beaches.

Starfish Wishes
 A Scent Star that is a dream come true for you, with orange, peach and pineapples, seafaring sandalwood and sunny musk brought to life with Hawaiian passion fruit, violets and an alluring warm amber.

Sugar Sugar Bamboo*
 Fresh cut Bamboo and Sugar Cane, rolled in sweet cherry and raspberry flavored sugars for a unique scent that has been a must-sniff for Hussies of Summers past.

Tropical Rainforest*
 Rainfall on thick lush greenery, surrounded by exotic orchids and tropical fruits for a fragrance so refreshing you'll want to SAVE IT!! This is a Best Smeller every Summer!

Warm Summer Winds
 Wonderfully warm bergamot, lime and grapefruit enchanted with fresh coconuts drifting over a sea breeze of passionfruit and soft vanilla musk.

Rockabilly Hussy Collection 2017

Full Throttle
  Exotic Blend of Bulgarian Rose - Flaming Jasmine Heart -Ylang Ylang and Amber Afterburners

Lips Like Cherry Pie
  Fruity - Floral - Fun Fragrance of Sour Cherry, Marshmallow and Sandalwood - SMACK

Razzle My Berries
 Red as Luscious Lips Razzberry - Voodoo Berries - with a Whip of Crème'

Rockabilly Rose
  White Rose & Black Rose with Carnation - Amber, Oriental Sandalwood, Vetiver, Kiss of Patch -Egyptian Musk

Sugar Daddy-O
 Sweet & Romantical - sipping Bellini on the Beach in Italy - ocean breezes of Tiara and Pink Peony - White Musk dusk

Total Bettie
  Bold Citrus - Luxurious Cashmere -Warming Sandalwood

Halloween 2017 Collections